Friday, 20 September 2013

A visit from our friendly neighborhood Policemen Sep 2013

A visit from our friendly neighborhood Policemen

Happy Kids Playgroup received another visit, this time from the friendly policemen of the Serangoon Neighbourhood Police Centre, Ang Mo Kio Police Division.

Not only did the Policemen visit in their uniforms, they also arrived in their police car along with their equipments for fighting crime.

During the visit, the police shared information about crime prevention, such as learning to say "no" to strangers and not wearing expensive jewellery.

The students and parents were also shown the different  equipments used by police officers, such as baton and a walkie talkie. As part of the interactive session, students were given time to explore these devices and take photos with them.

After the talk, a Q&A session was held and prizes were given out to those who are able to answer the questions correctly.

Towards the end of the visit, the officers showed the children and their parents the Police Fast Response Car and explained the function of the car such as siren, light beacons, etc.

The curious kiddos got a chance to try out the equipment such as police vest, in car computer and explore the police car. In the police car, the officers briefed them on certain functions of the car such as the sirens. The students and their parents also received many photo opportunities with the anti riot shield, police car and with the policemen and policewoman themselves.

It was such an enriching and engaging experience for the little ones and also a great bonding session for the parents and our students.

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