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We offer a quality playgroup programme with loving, dedicated teachers! 

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 Our Holistic curriculum
Little Musician & Little Dancer (music and movement)
Little Performer (dramatic play, story telling) 

Little Explorer (sensory play, fine/practical life activities), Little Sportsman (gross motor activities), Little Chef (cookery sessions) and Little Artist (art and craft), Little Scientist.

Integrated Montessori Curriculum – Phonics and Language, Mathematics, Practical Life and Science Award winning Letterland Phonics Programme
2000 sq ft Learning Space, Learning kitchen & Indoor play facilities. Excellent Teacher-student ratio, Small class size

We believe that children need to learn important social and practical life skills from a young age, as such skills prepare them for the journey ahead of them. We provide opportunities for socialization and interaction with other children and help them learn social skills and rules though Play. A wide range of good quality toys, costumes and props as learning tools to make the lessons come alive! Your kids would love coming to class! 

Our favorable teacher-child ratio is ideal for a child-directed learning approach as our teachers are able to spend quality time with each child in the class.

Our quality curriculum includes experiential activities such as self feeding activities and theme related learning trips!

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Supermarket Learning Trip  
Dental Clinic Visit & Dental Talk  Aug 2013
Policemen visit Sep 2013
Animal Farm Learning Trip Nov 2013