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P4 English Tuition & Creative Writing Class- SA2 Paper 2 results after 2 months with us (Aug- Oct 2013)
PSLE English Tuition and Creative Writing (2 months March- May 2014)
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Chinese Tuition and Creative writing Primary

“Our son comes from a home where we do not speak Mandarin, so he was struggling at school until we came across Learning Journey, and especially Teacher Grace. He now happily learns and speaks the language and is doing so much better at school. We know it is due to Teacher Grace’s dedication, her understanding that every child is unique and especially her knowledge of methodologies to reach young children effectively. Thank you Learning Journey!” D’s Mummy, Primary 2, SJI
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We are so happy for this student! Getting full marks from a borderline passing grade is certainly not easy! We are glad our bilingual teaching approach works for this group of students who are STRUGGLING WITH CHINESE! 
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Happy Kids has a team of dedicated teachers. The teachers are warm and approachable.  The school provides a conducive learning environment for the students. The small class size allows the teachers to give their students individualised attention and cater to each student's needs. Learning is made fun with lots of creative activities such as art and craft, dance and movement and sensory play. It is an enjoyable and enriching learning experience for my child.
- Mummy Tracy, Son, E. Lee, 3, 
parent and child playgroup & drop off weekday playgroup

I have lost count how many times I repeatedly enroll my daughter to Happy Kids..Being a single working parent I can hardly find anytime to spend quality time to teach my daughter the basics of alphabets & numbers, let alone having to monitor her development of fine motor skills..but thanks to Happy Kids,Qist have found herself a group of educators who are very patient. Since her first enrolment,she has been able to vocalize more and even in English. She definitely enjoys her sessions singing & dancing & painting & experimenting with her wonderful teachers & would sometimes reenact them for me back home... I m not saying that they took over my job as a parent but as least I am rest assured that Qist will not be left out when she joins nursery next year..Thanks Happy Kids for the job well done!
P/s: Teacher Grace is excellent in handling crying kids! So rest assured kids are in safe hands! 
-Mummy Siti, daughter 2+

"Happy Kids is "the" place where my toddler learns happily and confidently whenever she comes for her weekly playgroup session. My toddler enjoys the singing, playing, art time and snack time at Happy Kids!

The friendly and cosy setting of the place, coupled with dedicated and caring teachers have made the drop off routine as simple as ABC. Happy and no tears toddler = Happy and worry free mummy :-) Happy toddlers also make the the class more conducive for learning as the teachers are able to focused on the outlined activities.

Thank you teacher Grace and team! There should be more happy places like Happy Kids for all the children." 

- Mummy Irene, daughter 18months

"Hi Teacher Grace, I would like to feedback that your classes are really enjoyable for my girl.. your use of innovative, simple, low cost materials to conduct your classes is really very good and effective for the child..the art work u prepare for the kids are very different from the other centres as well by using creative materials to convey knowledge and allow the kids to develop their gross and fine motor skills... Do keep up with the excellent work! Thank you ..."
- Mummy Caroline, daughter 18 months

"The Playgroup programme is just nice for kids to learn, it teaches but does not over emphasize on curriculum. The time allocated for each activity is just nice to hold the kids short attention span. The Teachers are very supportive and able to understand our child's feelings and take efforts to encourage them to participate."
- Mummy Violet, daughter aged 21 months

Very creative and easy to replicate at home teaching methods, which makes it easy for parents to extend and simulate play teaching from home. My girl enjoys herself thoroughly with the exposure to different games stimulating her growth.
-Mummy Tracy, daughter 2+