Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Dentist Talk August 2013

Students from Happy Kids Playgroup, along with their parents, received a visit from Dentist Dr Tan Su Wee from The Dental Studio. Dr Tan gave an educational talk on how to care for their teeth and maintain good oral hygiene. During the talk, the students and parents learnt about good dental hygiene and ways to take care of their teeth. Dr Tan also shared a fun song (complete with actions!) on how to brush their teeth really nice and clean! By singing the song, the little ones remembered  the steps to brush their teeth properly when they wake up in the morning and before go to bed at night.

Dr Tan also demonstrated to parents and students on how to brush their teeth properly by using a huge toothbrush and a model of the human mouth and teeth. The students had lots of hands on fun exploring the different types of teeth and the different parts of the mouth.

Last but not least, everyone went home with a nice goodie bag! ;)

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