Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Happy Kids Phonics & Reading + Art! Preschool Enrichment class Singapore

Phonics, Reading and Creative Art programme for 3-6 years old to prepare kids for independent reading.
Junior Phonics (2.5-3.5 years)
Phonics (3- 5 years)
Advanced Phonics (5-7 years)
1.5 hours/session (max 6 students)
this is an ongoing class and students can join the class at any time.
· This is one Phonics class that your child will definitely enjoy!
Phonics is taught through - partial Montessori, hands on, fun and exciting activities. Not just worksheets!
· The sessions will give your child ample opportunities to learn phonics in a fun setting!
They will be self motivated to read if they know HOW to read!
· Allocated time slots for 1 to 1 coaching
· Students will also be coached on writing and pre-writing skills.
Creative hands on art sessions to reinforce learning. Creative art pieces related to the session will be done each session - subjected to time availability
· Small class size enables effective learning

"Jayden have attended two terms of the Phonics. Reading and Art classes and he have improved so much, he is now more confident to try reading new words by himself." 

-Mummy Pearlene, Jayden, K2 


  1. My son has some speech delay and we had obtained approval from MOE to delay for a year. He is 7 yrs old but can I enrol him in the phonics class?.
    How much per term?
    Thank you

    1. Hi sure we have Primary 1 students in our class as well. Please contact us via email and we will follow up with you